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Allophylus cobbe

Template:Taxobox Allophylus cobbe (titberry) is a plant bearing alternately and spirally arranged ternate leaves belonging to Sapindaceae family. The edible fruit is three chambered like Sapindus trifoliatus.


Allophyllus cobbe is a variable plant with a broad distribution in India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and Papua New Guinea.<ref name ="wildsingapore">Distribution and uses</ref>


The plants size is Template:Convert high and Template:Convert in width. It has no stipules. The leaves of a plant are trifoliolate, while the leaflets are penni-veined, and could be from densely to glabrous hairy. The flower size is approximately Template:Convert in diameter, and are yellow-whitish coloured. The fruits are red in colour and are Template:Convert in diameter.<ref name ="asianplant">Description, ecology, and use of a plant</ref>


The plant grows in mixed dipterocarp. It can also be found in coastal and sub-montane forests at the altitude of Template:Convert. It grow commonly along the rivers and streams (tidal included), on hillsides, and forest edges. Also it grows on sandy or clay soils, and can also be found on limestone and ultrabasic grounds. It does exist as a pre-disturbance remnant in secondary forests.<ref name ="asianplant"/>


The plant can be used for roofing, firewood and bows.<ref name ="wildsingapore"/> It can also be used for making rafts and fish traps. The bark, roots and leaves of the tree could be used to treat fever and stomach ache. The fruits, although edible, could be used as fish poison.<ref name ="asianplant"/>

Other names of a plant

In Borneo the plant is called pamaman.<ref name ="asianplant"/>