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Ammi majus

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Ammi majus — commonly called bishop’s weed,<ref name=GRIN>Template:Cite web</ref> false bishop’s weed,<ref name=GRIN/> bullwort,<ref name=GRIN/> greater ammi,<ref name=GRIN/> lady’s lace,<ref name=GRIN/> False Queen Anne's lace<ref>Template:Cite web</ref> or laceflower — is a plant originating in the Nile River Valley which has white lace-like flower clusters. It is a member of the carrot (Apiaceae) family.


A. majus contains large amounts of the chemicals furanocoumarin, xanthotoxin, and bergapten.Template:Citation needed The furanocoumarin can cause phytophotodermatitis and hyperpigmentation.Template:Citation needed In India, A. majus is cultivated for the furancoumarins which are used to treat vitiligo and psoriasis.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref>



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