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Carex acuta

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Illustration of Carex acuta

Carex acuta or Acute Sedge, Slender Tufted-sedge,<ref name='FNI'/> Slim Sedge can be found growing on the margins of rivers and lakes<ref name='FNI'/> in the Palaearctic terrestrial ecoregions in beds of wet, alkaline or slightly acid depressions with mineral soil.

Carex acuta does not tolerate prolonged desiccation. The community is distributed, in particular, in northern France, the Low Countries, Central Europe south to the Sava and Drava valleys of Croatia, the northern Morava valley of Serbia and Romania, north to Poland, the Kaliningrad District, Lithuania and Latvia, in southern Scandinavia, in the Dnieper basin of northern Ukraine and southern Belarus, in the lower Volga Valley.<ref name='EUNIS'>Template:Cite web</ref> Template:Clear



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