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Echinops spinosissimus

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Echinops spinosissimus is a European species of plants in the thistle tribe within the sunflower family. It is native to southeastern Europe (Sicily, Apulia, Greece, Albania, and the western Balkans), northern Africa, and southwest Asia as far east as Iran.<ref>Altervista Flora Italiana, Cardo pallotta vischioso, Echinops spinosissimus Turra</ref><ref>Sánchez-Jiménex, Ihmael, Oriane Hidalgo, & Teresa Garnatje. 2012. Echinops spinosissimus subsp. neumayeri (Vis.) Kožuharov (Asteraceae, Cardueae), a new record for the flora of Greece. Adansonia, ser. 3, 34:129-132</ref><ref>Flowers in Israel, קיפודן סורי, קיפודן דביק</ref>

Echinops spinosissimus is a branching perennial herb up to 80 cm (2 feet) tall. Leaves are divided into narrow triangular lobes, each with a slender but hard spine at the tip. The plant produces nearly spherical flower heads containing many white or pale lavender disc florets but no ray florets.<ref>Plants for a Future, Echinops spinosissimus - Turra.</ref><ref>Cretan Flora</ref><ref>Czech Botany, 'Echinops spinosissimus Turra – bělotrn / ježibaba in Czech with photos</ref>

Subspecies<ref name=o/>
  • Echinops spinosissimus subsp. bithynicus (Boiss.) Greuter
  • Echinops spinosissimus subsp. bovei (Boiss.) Greuter
  • Echinops spinosissimus subsp. fontqueri (Pau) Greuter
  • Echinops spinosissimus subsp. macrolepis (Boiss.) Greuter
  • Echinops spinosissimus subsp. neumayeri (Vis.) Kožuharov
  • Echinops spinosissimus subsp. spinosissimus



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