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Ephedra alata

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Template:Taxobox Ephedra alata is a species of Ephedra that is native from Morocco and the Sahara in northern Africa, the Middle East.<ref name=hourglass>Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families</ref>


It was originally described by Joseph Decaisne in 1834 and placed in section Alatae, tribe Tropidolepides by Otto Stapf in 1889.

In 1996 Robert A. Price left E. alata in section Alatae without recognizing a tribe.<ref name="Price 1996">Price, R. A. (1996). Systematics of the Gnetales: A review of morphological and molecular evidence. International Journal of Plant Sciences, 157(6): S40-S49.</ref>

  1. Ephedra alata subsp. alata - Algeria, Mauritania, Mali, Chad, Algeria, Sinai, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia
  2. Ephedra alata subsp. alenda (Stapf) Trab. - Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt
  3. Ephedra alata subsp. monjauzeana Dubuis & Faurel - Algeria




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