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Erica abietina


Erica abietina is a species of erica that is endemic to the Cape Peninsula of the Western Cape, South Africa.<ref name="PirieOliver2017">Template:Cite journal</ref> E. abietina includes four subspecies with often highly restricted distributions and distinctive flower colours. Previous delimitation of the species has included a further three subspecies<ref name="OliverOliver2002">Template:Cite journal</ref> which proved to be more distantly related to Cape Peninsula endemic E. abietina subspecies and are now classified under Erica grandiflora L.f. (Erica abietina subsp. aurantiaca E.G.H.Oliv. & I.M.Oliv.; Erica abietina subsp. perfoliosa E.G.H.Oliv. & I.M.Oliv.) and Erica situshiemalis E.G.H.Oliv. & Pirie.<ref name="PirieOliver2017"/>


This plant grows very easily and well in urban capetonian gardens and is increasingly popular as an ornamental plant.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref>


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