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Erica ciliaris

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Erica ciliaris is a species of heather, known in the British Isles as Dorset heath.<ref name="Stace">Template:Cite book</ref> It grows to Template:Convert, and has leaves Template:Convert long, with long, glandular hairs.<ref name="Stace"/> The flowers are Template:Convert long, bright pink, and arranged in long racemes.<ref name="Stace"/>


Erica ciliaris has a Lusitanian distribution, stretching from Morocco in the south, along the Atlantic coasts of Portugal, Spain and France to south-western parts of the British Isles in the north.<ref>Template:Cite journal</ref> In the British Isles, it is only found natively in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, where it lives in bogs and wet heaths.<ref name="Dorset">Template:Cite web</ref> It has also been introduced to Hampshire and County Galway.<ref name="Stace"/> E. ciliaris was voted the county flower of Dorset in 2002 following a poll by the wild flora conservation charity Plantlife.<ref name="Dorset"/>