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Erigeron alpinus


Erigeron alpinus (also called alpine fleabane) is a European species of perennial plant in the daisy family. It is widespread across much of Europe except the far north.<ref>Altervista Flora Italiana, Cespica alpina, Erigeron alpinus L. includes photos and European distribution map</ref>

Erigeron alpinus is an herb up to Template:Convert tall, with spoon-shaped, hairy, medium green leaves. The plants flowers are narrow and have a thread-like ray florets, which are made out of 2 or more rows. In the summer the flower heads have lilac-blue to red-purple ray florets surrounding greenish-yellow disc florets, and are Template:Convert tall.<ref>Tela Botanica, Erigeron alpinus L., Vergerette des Alpes in French; includes description, photos, French distribution map</ref>

Subspecies<ref name=nursechapel>The Plant List, Erigeron alpinus L. </ref>
  • Erigeron alpinus subsp. alpinus
  • Erigeron alpinus subsp. intermedius (Rchb.) Pawł.
  • Erigeron alpinus subsp. rhodopaeus (Vierh.) Kožuharov & N.Andreev