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Gymnema lactiferum

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Gymnema lactiferum, the Ceylon cow-tree or Ceylon cow plant, is a species of climbing perennial shrub native to India and Sri Lanka.<ref>Huber in Abeywickrama (ed.), Revised Handbook of the Flora of Ceylon 1(1): 45 (1973)</ref><ref name="NIE">Template:Cite NIE</ref> In Sanskrit it is called ksirakakoli. James Emerson Tennent described the use of the plant in his account of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and wrote it was "evidently a form of the G. sylvestre".<ref>http://lakdiva.org/tennent/v1_p1_c03.html#_ftn34</ref> The milky juice of this plant has been said to be used as a substitute for milk and cream, but it is believed to contain enough of the poisonous principle peculiar to the order to cast a doubt upon this reputed use.<ref name="NIE"/>



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