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Lactuca viminea


Lactuca viminea, the pliant lettuce, is a Eurasian plant species in the dandelion tribe within the daisy family. It is widespread across much of Europe and southwestern Asia from Portugal to Pakistan.<ref name=inker>Altervista Flora Italiana, Lattuga alata, Lactuca viminea (L.) J. Presl & C. Presl includes photos and European distribution map</ref><ref name=dora>Roohi Bano & M. Qaiser. 2010. A taxonomic revision of the genus Lactuca L. (Cichorieae – Asteraceae) from Pakistan and Kashmir. Pakistan Journal of Botany 43(5): 2259–2268</ref>

Lactuca viminea is a branching subshrub up to 30 cm tall. Leaves near the base are pinnately lobed, but the leaves on the stem are narrow and linear, not lobed, becoming smaller farther up the plant. The uppermost leaves are pressed against the stem and almost scale-like. Flower heads have 4–5 yellow ray flowers but no disc flowers.<ref name=inker/>

Subspecies<ref name=inker/>
  • Lactuca viminea subsp. chondrilliflora (Boreau) St.-Lag.
  • Lactuca viminea subsp. ramosissima (All.) Arcang.
  • Lactuca viminea subsp. viminea