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Leptosiphon lemmonii


Leptosiphon lemmonii (syn. Linanthus lemmonii) is a species of flowering plant in the phlox family known by the common name Lemmon's linanthus.<ref name=calflora>Calflora</ref>

Leptosiphon lemmonii is native to the San Bernardino Mountains, and the Peninsular Ranges in southern California (U.S.) and northern Baja California (México).<ref name=calflora/> It grows below Template:Convert, in dry inland chaparral, oak woodlands, the Colorado Desert chaparral ecotone, and Yellow pine forest habitats.<ref name=jepson>JepsonTemplate:Dead link</ref>


Leptosiphon lemmonii is a small, hairy, glandular annual herb producing a thin stem no more than about 15 centimeters tall. The leaves are divided into needle-like linear lobes each a few millimeters in length.<ref name=jepson/>

The inflorescence is an array of a few small flowers accompanied by bracts shaped much like the leaves. Each flower has lobes only 2 or 3 millimeters long, usually white or cream in color darkening to yellow and orange in the throat, sometimes with maroon areas as well. The bloom period is April to June.<ref name=jepson/>



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