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Melica ciliata

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Melica ciliata, commonly called hairy melic or silky spike melic, is a grass species of perennial bunchgrass native to Europe, north Africa, and temperate Asia.<ref name=kew>Template:Cite web</ref>


The species is perennial and caespitose with elongated rhizomes. It have erect culms which are Template:Convert long. Leaf-sheaths are tubular and closed on one end with its ligule having an eciliate membrane. Leaf-blades are flat, stiff, and are Template:Convert long by Template:Convert wide. Their surface is scabrous and glabrous while it apex is attenuate. The panicle is contracted, continuous, linear and is Template:Convert long. The species' spikelets are cuneate and are made out of 1 fertile floret. Fertile florets are pediceled, pedicels of which are filiform and puberulous.<ref name=kew/>

Both lower and upper glumes are keelless, membranous, ovate, are Template:Convert long and 5-veined. It palea have ciliated keels and is 2-veined, while it fertile lemma is keelless, lanceolate, with acute apex and ciliated margins. It is also Template:Convert long and is 7–9 veined. Flowers are fleshy, oblong, truncate, united and have 2 lodicules and 3 anthers. The species' fruits is caryopsis with additional pericarp and linear hilum.<ref name=kew/>



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