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Napaea dioica


Napaea is a monotypic genus of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae. The single species is Napaea dioica, which is a tall perennial herb, native from central and eastern USA. Plants are occasionally grown as an ornamental plant in wildflower gardens. A common name is glade mallow.<ref name="garbner">Template:Cite book</ref>


Napaea dioica grows Template:Convert tall<ref name="garbner" /> with leaves up to Template:Convert in length. The plant has white flowers which bloom for 4–5 weeks<ref name="Iltis">Template:Cite journal</ref> appearing in late June.<ref name="garbner" /> The blooms open in the morning and close at sundown.<ref name="Iltis" />


The species is found in east-central Ohio, across central Indiana and the northern half of Illinois to southwestern Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa.<ref name="Iltis" /> It prefers to grow in damp conditions and can be found in ditches or on stream banks.<ref name="garbner" />



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