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Nemastylis nuttallii

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Nemastylis nuttallii, the Nuttall's pleatleaf,<ref>Template:PLANTS</ref> Ozark celestial-lily or pine woods lily, is a plant species native to Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma in the south-central United States.<ref>Biota of North America Program 2014 county distribution map</ref> Some authors have mistakenly called this species N. coelestina.<ref name="asdlfaskdhfs">Flora of North America, Nemastylis nuttallii </ref>

Nemastylis nuttallii is a bulb-forming perennial herb up to 40 cm (3 feet) tall. Stems are usually unbranched. Leaves are very narrow and linear. Flowers are pale blue, opening in the evening.<ref name="asdlfaskdhfs"/><ref>Foster, Robert Crichton. 1945. Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University 155: 36–38.</ref><ref>Correll, D. S. & M. C. Johnston. 1970. Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas i–xv, 1–1881. The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson.</ref>