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Ophrys bombyliflora

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Template:Italic title Template:Taxobox Ophrys bombyliflora, the bumblebee orchid, is a species of Ophrys (bee orchid), native from the Mediterranean region from Portugal and the Canary Islands to Turkey and Lebanon. The genus name Template:Lang is from the Greek in reference to the hairy lips of the flowers of this genus; the specific epithet Template:Lang is from the Greek bombylios (bumblebee)<ref>Template:Citation</ref> in reference to the appearance of the flowers of this species.

Ophrys bombyliflora is pollinated by males of solitary bees of the genus Eucera (which are not bumblebees).<ref name=Delf95>Template:Citation, p. 349</ref> As with other species of Ophrys, the flowers mimic the females in appearance and scent. Earlier-emerging males attempt to mate with the flowers ("pseudocopulation"), collecting pollinia in the process which they transfer to other flowers of the same species.Template:Sfn



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