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Ophrys fuciflora

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Template:Italic title Template:Taxobox Ophrys fuciflora (late spider-orchid<ref name=BSBI07>Template:Cite web</ref>) is a species of flowering plant in the orchid family. It is widespread across much of Europe from Britain and Spain to Turkey and Romania, plus Libya and the Middle East as far east as Iraq.<ref name="tammy">Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families, Ophrys fuciflora </ref><ref>Altervista Flora Italiana, Ofride dei Fuchi, Late Spider Orchid</ref>

There has been considerable confusion over the correct name of this species. Many authors have called it Ophrys holoserica, but O. holoserica (Burm.f.) Greuter is a synonym of a different species, Ophrys apifera, the bee orchid.<ref name=WCSP>Template:Citation</ref>

Subspecies and varieties

A long list of subspecies and varieties have been proposed and named. At the present time (May 2014), the following are widely recognized:<ref name="tammy"/>

    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. andria (P.Delforge) Faurh. - Greek islands
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. apulica O.Danesch & E.Danesch - southern Italy including Sicily
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. biancae (Tod.) Faurh. - Sicily
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. bornmuelleri (M.Schulze) B.Willing & E.Willing - Turkey, Cyprus, Greek islands, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Iraq
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. candica E.Nelson ex Soó - southern Italy including Sicily, plus Greece and Turkey
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. chestermanii (J.J.Wood) H.Blatt & W.Wirth - Sardinia
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. elatior (Paulus) R.Engel & Quentin Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. fuciflora - from Britain to Syria
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. grandiflora (H.Fleischm. & Soó) Faurh. - Turkey, Cyprus
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. lacaitae (Lojac.) Soó - Italy, Malta, Croatia
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. oblita (Kreutz, Gügel & W.Hahn) Faurh., H.A.Pedersen & S.G.Christ - Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. oxyrrhynchos (Tod.) Soó - southern Italy including Sicily
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. pallidiconi Faurh. - Turkey
    • Ophrys fuciflora subsp. parvimaculata O.Danesch & E.Danesch - Italy
    • Ophrys fuciflora var. ziyaretiana (Kreutz & Ruedi Peter) Faurh. & H.A.Pedersen - Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel



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