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Orobanche crenata

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Template:Taxobox Orobanche crenata is a species of broomrape, commonly known as bean broomrape.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref> It is a common parasite of the faba bean, Vicia faba. It grows in the Mediterranean basin, and in North and East Africa.<ref name="FCR">Maalouf, F.; Khalil, S.; Ahmed, S.; Akintunde, A.N.; Kharrat, M.; El Shama’a, K.; Hajjar, S.; Malhotra, R.S. 2011. Yield stability of faba bean lines under diverse broomrape prone production environments. Field Crops Research. 124: 288-294.</ref> It has no chlorophyll, and gets its carbohydrates from the host's phloem, and water and minerals from the host's xylem. It is a constant threat to legume production.<ref name="FCR"/>



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