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Phalaris minor

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Template:Taxobox Phalaris minor is a species of grass native to North Africa, Europe, and South Asia.<ref name="GRIN 27523">Template:GRIN</ref> The bunchgrass is widely naturalised elsewhere.

Common names include little seed canary grass, small-seeded canary grass, small canary grass,<ref name="MMPND">Template:Cite web</ref> lesser-canary grass,<ref name=BSBI07>Template:Cite web</ref> guli danda (Hindi), and sittee booti (Urdu).<ref name=idao>Phalaris minor. IDAO.</ref>



Phalaris minor grows as a tufted annual bunchgrass up to Template:Convert in height. It has a spike-like panicle.<ref name="PlantNET">Template:NSW Flora Online</ref>


It has had an uneventful taxonomic history. It was first published under its current name by Anders Jahan Retzius in 1783, and has retained that name since. It has no synonyms, and no infraspecific taxa.<ref name="APNI 11971">Template:APNI</ref>


It is used as a fodder or forage for livestock and birdseed, but is poisonous to some mammals, and is a potential contaminant of seed crops.<ref name="GRIN 27523"/>



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