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Ranunculus aquatilis

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Ranunculus aquatilis, the common water-crowfoot or white water-crowfoot, is a plant species of the genus Ranunculus, native throughout most of Europe and western North America, and also northwest Africa.<ref name=grin>Template:GRIN</ref>

This is an aquatic plant, growing in mats on the surface of water. It has branching thread-like underwater leaves and toothed floater leaves. In fast flowing water the floaters may not be grown. The flowers are white petaled with yellow centres and are held a centimetre or two above the water. The floater leaves are used as props for the flowers and are grown at the same time.<ref name=blamey>Blamey, M. & Grey-Wilson, C. (1989). Flora of Britain and Northern Europe. Template:ISBN</ref>



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