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Retama monosperma


Retama monosperma, the bridal broom<ref>Template:PLANTS</ref> or bridal veil broom, is a flowering bush species in the genus Retama.

Retama monosperma forms root nodules with Sinorhizobium fredii. The larvae of the moths Phyllonorycter hesperiella and Phyllonorycter spartocytisi feed on R. monosperma.

The seeds contain cytisine, a toxic alkaloid. Fifteen other quinolizidine and three dipiperidine alkaloids can also be isolated from different parts of the plant. In particular, the presence of (+)-sparteine, α- and β-isosparteine, (+)-17-oxosparteine, (-)-lupanine, 5,6-dehydrolupanine, (-)-anagyrine, (-)-N-methylcytisine and (+)-ammodendrine can be detected.<ref>Alkaloids from Retama monosperma ssp. eumonosperma. Touati D, Allain P, Pellecuer J, Fkih-Tetouani S and Agoumi A, Fitoterapia, 1996, volume 67, number 1, pages 49-52, Template:INIST</ref>



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