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Salvia dominica


Salvia dominica (Dominica sage, in Arabic ( Maru = مرو or "Khowwekha" = خويخة ), in (Hebrew: מרווה, marva) is a strong-scented perennial shrub found throughout the eastern Mediterranean, especially Jordan<ref>Field Guide of Wild Flower of Jordan and Neighbouring Countries by Dawud Al-Eisawi</ref> Israel,<ref>Flowers in Israel</ref>Lebanon and Syria. The branched inflorescence is one of several salvias thought to have inspired the design of the menorah. It grows to about 1 meter in height and width, and blooms in spring or early summer with pale yellow and white flowers in delicate whorls.<ref name="Clebsch">Template:Cite book</ref>

Biological properties

A group of Italian and Jordanian researchers isolated twenty-four new sesterterpenes, some of them with interesting biological activity due to their interaction with tubulin-tyrosine ligase (TTL), an enzyme involved in the tyrosination cycle of the C-terminal of tubulin, and inhibit TTL activity in cancer cells.<ref>Template:Cite journal</ref>