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Senna sophera

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Senna sophera is a shrub, glabrous, about 3 m. in height. The compound leaves with 8-12 paired leaflets acute and tapering; bear rachies with single gland at the base. It has yellow flowers in carymbose racemes.

Common names of Senna sophera include algarrobilla,<ref>Template:PLANTS</ref> kasunda, baner. It was formerly called Cassia sophera in English. It is known as kasaundi in Hindi, and kolkasunda (কল্কাসুন্দা) in Bengali.

Possibly originating in Bangladesh,<ref>Entry for Senna sophera (Linn) Roxb JSTOR Plant Science</ref> today the plant is found in most tropical countries. It is common on waste lands, on roadsides and in the forests. Root bark in used for preparation of the medicine. It has been used by ancient Indian physicians for its efficacy in respiratory disorders.



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