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Veronica beccabunga

Template:Taxobox Brooklime (Veronica beccabunga), also called European speedwell, is a succulent herb belonging to the family Plantaginaceae. It grows on the margins of brooks and ditches in Europe, North Africa, and north and western Asia.<ref name=EB1911>Template:Cite EB1911</ref> It can be found on other continents as an introduced species. It has smooth spreading branches, blunt oblong leaves and small bright blue or pink flowers.<ref name=EB1911/>

The species name beccabunga comes from Danish bekkebunge (literally "brook bunch") or a similar source.<ref>CalFlora Botanical Names</ref>

Medicinal usage

Brooklime was one of three traditional antiscorbutic herbs (alongside scurvy grass and watercress), used in purported remedies for scurvy. However none of these herbs are rich in vitamin C and the usual preparation by extracting of juices would have destroyed most of their content, rendering the preparations ineffectual against true scurvy.<ref>Template:Cite journal</ref>



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