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Vicia lathyroides

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Vicia lathyroides (spring vetch) is a plant species in the bean family Fabaceae.<ref name="Parnell 12">Parnell, J. and Curtis, T. 2012. Webb's An Irish Flora. Cork University Press. Template:ISBN</ref> It is native to Europe and western Asia, and it is known on other continents as an introduced species. It is an annual herb with pealike blue- or purple-tinged flowers about half a centimeter wide and hairless legume pods up to 3 centimeters long.


Vicia lathyroides is an annual with stems up to 12 cm long. The leaves have 2 or 4 pairs of leaflets which end in a tendril or point. The flowers are single up to 6 mm long and without a stalk. The petals are purple and produce a pod up to 20 mm long.<ref name="Parnell 12"/> <ref>Webb, D.A., Parnell, J and Doogue, D. 1996. An Irish Flora. Dungalgan Press (W.Tempest) Ltd. Dundalk.Template:ISBN</ref>


In Ireland it is found in sandy ground near the coast.<ref name="Parnell 12"/>

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