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Vicia sylvatica

This article is about the Vicia sylvatica described by Linnaeus. The plant thus named by Bentham is Vicia bakeri.



Vicia sylvatica or wood vetch is a plant species of the genus Vicia.


This species is perennial with climbing stems. The leaves have 4 to 12 pairs of leaflets and end in branched tendrils. The flowers are 15 to 20 mm long arranged in racemes of up to 18 flowers. The petals are white with purple veins and the fruit is a pod or legume with 4 to 5 seeds.<ref name=Stace>Template:Cite book</ref>Template:Rp<ref name=Blamey>Template:Cite book</ref>Template:Rp<ref name="Clapham 81">Template:Cite book</ref><ref name="Webb 96">Template:Cite book</ref>


Found in woods, rocky ground and scree.<ref>Hackney, P. ed. 1992. Stewart and Corry's Flora of the North-east of Ireland. Third Edition. Institute of Irish Studies. The Queen's University of Belfast. Template:ISBN</ref><ref name="Webb 96"/> Template:Empty section


This species has been recorded from much of Ireland.<ref>Scannell, M.J.P. and Synnott, D.M. 1972 Census Catalogue of the Flora of Ireland. Dublin. The Stationery Office</ref>