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Viola labradorica


Viola labradorica growing in the Botanischer Garten at Krefeld

Viola labradorica, commonly known as alpine violet,<ref>Template:ITIS</ref> American dog violet,<ref name="Go Botany">Template:Go Botany</ref> dog violet,<ref name="Illinois">Template:Illinois Wildflowers</ref> and Labrador violet,<ref name="Go Botany" /><ref>Template:GRIN</ref><ref name=eol-common>Template:EOL</ref> is a perennial native to eastern Canada, Greenland, and the United States. The plant sold as Viola labradorica by nurseries is Viola riviniana.Template:Citation needed



Viola labradorica has edible leaves and flowers. The leaves are sometimes characterized as "wooly" and thus not as desirable for eating.<ref>Jacke, Toensmeier, Edible Forest Gardens Volume One</ref>

Similar species

A purple-leaved form of the European dog-violet (Viola riviniana 'Purpurea Group'), is often sold by nurseries as Viola labradorica. The true Viola labradorica is almost never sold.<ref>Viola labradorica 'purpurea' = V. riviniana? (what's the story). Violet Forum. GardenWeb Forums.</ref>

Viola riviana is grown as a flowering groundcover in gardens and as a house plant. It can become naturalized, or even an invasive species, when planted near adjacent native plant habitats and natural-wildland ecosystems.

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