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Viola ocellata


Viola ocellata is a species of violet known by the common names pinto violet,<ref>Template:Cite web</ref> two-eyed violet,<ref>Template:Cite book</ref> and western heart's ease.<ref>Template:Cite book</ref> It is native to southern Oregon and northern and central California, where it occurs in the coastal foothills and mountain ranges. It sometimes grows in serpentine soils<ref>Template:Cite book</ref> and in quicksilver mines.<ref>Template:Cite journal</ref>


This rhizomatous herb produces a hairy erect or decumbent stem measuring Template:Convert long. The leaves have heart-shaped or roughly lance-shaped blades borne on petioles a few centimeters long. A solitary flower is borne on a long, upright stem. It has five white petals with yellow bases, the lowest three veined with purple and the two lateral ones with purple eyespots. The inside of the flower has long hairs. The outer surfaces, at least of the two upper petals, is usually stained dark red or purple. It capsules are spherical and are Template:Convert long while its peduncles are puberulent and are Template:Convert long. The seeds of the plant are brownish-purple in colour and are Template:Convert long. The rootstocks are often long and stolon-like.<ref>Template:Cite book</ref>

The species is a host plant of B. epithore.<ref>Template:Cite book</ref>



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