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Viola pedatifida

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Viola pedatifida (prairie violet, crow-foot violet, larkspur violet, purple prairie violet, coastal violet; syn. Viola pedatifida subsp. brittoniana (Pollard) L. E. McKinney, Viola pedatifida G. Don subsp. pedatifida,<ref name= grin>Template:GRIN</ref> Viola palmata L. var. pedatifida (G.Don) Cronquist<ref>Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Retrieved 2010-03-12.</ref>) is a perennial herbaceous plant in the Violet family (Violaceae). It is 4-8in. (10–20 cm) tall with pale purple flowers and deeply divided leaves. Prairie violet is native to North America.<ref name=lady>Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Retrieved 2010-03-12.</ref>

The specific epithet pedatifida means "pedately-cleft" in botanical Latin, in reference to the leaves, which look like a bird's foot with the outer toes again parted. Prairie violet was described for science in 1831 by the Scottish botanist George Don (1798–1856)<ref>Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Retrieved 2010-03-12.</ref>