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Viola pubescens

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Closeup of flower

Viola pubescens, commonly called the downy yellow violet, is a plant species of the genus Viola and is classified within the subsection Nudicaules of section Chamaemelanium.<ref>Template:Cite journal</ref> It is a widespread, North American violet found in rich, mesic woodlands or sometimes meadows; from Minnesota and Ontario to Nova Scotia, South to Virginia.<ref name=":0">Template:Cite book</ref> V. pubescens produces two different types of flowers during the season including chasmogamous flowers in the early spring and cleistogamous flowers summer through fall.<ref>Template:Cite book</ref>

Similar looking species include round-leaved yellow violet (Viola rotundifolia). The two species can be differentiated by leaf shape and leaf margin. Additionally V. pubescens has both basal and cauline leaves<ref name=":0" /> while V. rotundifolia has only basal leaves.<ref>Template:Connecticut Plants</ref>



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