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Amphicarpaea bracteata


Amphicarpaea bracteata (hog-peanut or ground bean) is an annual to perennial vine in the legume family, native to woodland, thickets, and moist slopes in eastern North America.<ref>Template:PLANTS</ref>


Leaves have three leaflets and are held alternately on twining stems.

Flowers are pink to white and bloom from late summer to autumn. The flowers are either open for cross-pollination or closed and self-pollinating. The closed flowers may be above or below ground.<ref>Template:Cite journal</ref>

Seeds from open flowers are held in a flat pod, pointed at both ends, that dries when mature and twists to release the seeds. Seeds from closed flowers are held in round pods with a single seed each. The roots and seeds are edible.<ref>Template:PFAF</ref> The seeds which become subterranean from flowers on stolons give it the name peanut.<ref name="illinois">Template:Illinois Wildflowers</ref>



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