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Acorus gramineus

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Template:Italictitle Template:Taxobox Acorus gramineus is a botanical species belonging to the genus Acorus.


Common Name

Dwarf sedge, Japanese rush, Japanese sweet flag


Native to Japan in eastern Asia, where it usually occurs in wetlands and shallow water.


This shrubby plant's long, narrow, slightly curved leaves may grow to 30 cm (12 inches) in height. It can grow fully or partially submerged, or in very moist soil, but it will usually only flower when at least partially submerged.

Var. pusillus has slightly shorter, more rigid glossy green leaves, while var. variegatus has longer leaves streaked with yellow.

Cultivation and uses

Acorus gramineus spreads aggrassively by rhizome, creating a nearly-seamless groundcover where conditions are favorable, and it is frequently used around the edges of ponds and water gardens,<ref>Acorus gramineus</ref> as well as submerged in freshwater aquaria. It can be propagated by dividing the fleshy underwater rhizome and planting the base in shallow water.




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