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Allium pallens

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Template:Speciesbox Allium pallens is a species of wild onion native to the Mediterranean region and Middle East from Portugal and Algeria to Iran. <ref>Altervista Flora Italiana, Allium pallens</ref><ref>Flora of Israel On-line, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Allium pallens</ref>

Allium pallens produces a single egg-shaped bulb. Scape is up to 50 cm tall, round in cross-section. Leaves are long, narrow, and fleshy. Flowers are bell-shaped, some nodding while others in the same umbel erect, the tepals white or pale purple with prominent green or purple midveins.<ref>Linnaeus, Carl von. 1762. Species Plantarum, Edition 2, 1: 427.</ref><ref>Zahariadi, Constantine. 1975. Biologia Gallo-Hellenica; Travaux des Groupes Franco-helleniques et de la Station Keramou 6(1): 53, Allium amblyanthum</ref><ref>Bolòs, Oriol de, Masalles, R.M. & Vigo Bonada, Josep. 1988. Collectanea Botanica (Barcelona) 17(1): 95, Allium paniculatum subsp. stearnii</ref><ref>Pastor Díaz, Julio Enrique, & Valdés Castrillón, Benito. 1983. Revisión del Género Allium (Liliaceae) en la Península Ibérica e Islas Baleares 86, Allium stearnii</ref><ref>Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel. 1837. Flora Telluriana 2: 19, Kalabotis pallens</ref>

formerly included<ref>Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families</ref>



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