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Archidendron bigeminum

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Archidendron bigeminum is a tree species in the legume family (Fabaceae). It is found in India and Sri Lanka. It is known as "Kalitiya - කලටිය" in Sinhala people.

The World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) in the 1998 IUCN Redlist reviewed Abarema bigemina and Pithecellobium gracile as Vulnerable species.<ref name="IUCNa" /> These are nowadays both considered junior synonyms of Archidendron bigeminum.<ref name = ildis>ILDIS (2005)</ref> It may be that the Indian population consists of a smaller-growing variety than that on Sri Lanka.


The complete list of junior synonyms is:<ref name = ildis />

  • Abarema abeywickramae Kosterm.
  • Abarema bigemina (L.) Kosterm.
  • Abarema monadelpha (Roxb.) Kosterm.
  • Abarema monadelpha (Roxb.) Kosterm. var. gracile (Bedd.) Kosterm.
  • Archidendron monadelphum (Roxb.) I.C.Nielsen
  • Archidendron monadelphum (Roxb.) I.C.Nielsen var. gracile (Bedd.) Sanjappa
  • Inga bigemina (L.) Willd.
  • Mimosa bigemina L.
  • Mimosa monadelpha Roxb.
  • Pithecellobium bigeminum (L.) Mart.
  • Pithecellobium bigemium (L.) Mart.
  • Pithecellobium gracile Bedd.
  • Pithecellobium nicobaricum Prain
Seed of Archidendron bigeminum




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