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Artemisia schmidtiana

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Artemisia schmidtiana, common name silvermound,<ref>Cornell University Growing Guide, Silvermound</ref> is a species of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae, native to Japan but widely cultivated as an ornamental.<ref>Maximowicz, Carl Johann. 1872. Bulletin de l'Academie Imperiale des Sciences de St-Petersbourg 17: 439-440 description + commentary in Latin</ref><ref name=w/>

Artemisia schmidtiana is a small, mat-forming evergreen tufted perennial growing to 30 cm, with hairy silvery leaves and panicles of small yellow flower-heads; but like many artemisias it is cultivated for its foliage rather than its flowers.<ref name=w>Template:Cite book</ref>

Artemisia schmidtiana 'Nana'

The slightly smaller cultivar 'Nana' has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref> It grows in USDA zone 1 to 9. It grows in full sun or partial shade in normal, sandy or clay soil. It is fragrant, has silver foliage and blooms in early summer. It attracts butterflies and is deer and rabbit resistant. It can be grown in garden beds as edging and borders, as a ground cover, in alpine and rock gardens and in containers. It grows to 25–30 cm (10-12") in height and 30–60 cm (12-23 inches) in width. It is drought resistant and has a medium growth rate.<ref name="Artemisia schmidtiana">Template:Cite web</ref>



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