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Balanites roxburghii

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Balanites roxburghii is a spiny, evergreen tree. It is common in open sandy plains of the Indian peninsula, western Rajasthan, west Bengal, Maharashtra and drier parts of India.



  • Sanskrit: Inguda (इङ्गुद), Hingūpatra, Viṣakaṇta, Anilāntaka, Gaura, Suputra, Bhallaka, Tinguda, Tikta, Ingula, Tilvaka
  • English: Desert date
  • Hindi: Hinganbet, Ingudi, Hingoli

,Heeng(most common word)



Bark, fruit seed, leaves of the tree and the oil from seeds is of medicinal value.Template:Cn

In Mahabharata

Shalya Parva, Mahabharata/Book IX Chapter 36 shloka 58 mentions the biodiversity of River Sarasvati (Sapta-Saraswat). It is one of the species found along the banks of Sarasvati River.

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  • Sands, Martin J. S. 2001. The Desert Date and Its Relatives: A Revision of the Genus Balanites. Kew Bulletin, 56: 1-128.Template:Asbox


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