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Bauhinia divaricata


Bauhinia divaricata is a species of flowering shrub of the family Fabaceae.<ref name="IPNI - Caesalpiniaceae Bauhinia divaricata L. ">Template:Cite web</ref> B. divaricata is the type species of the genus Bauhinia.<ref name="GBIF - Bauhinia L.">Template:Cite web</ref> One common name for this species is pom pom orchid tree.<ref name="Qld Department of Natural Resources and Mines - undated - Pom Pom Orchid Tree (Bauhinia divaricata)">Template:Cite web</ref> It is native to China, Jamaica, India and also grows in the southern half of Florida.<ref name="ntbc">Template:Cite web</ref> It has alternate bi-lobed leaves.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref>

The species was formally described by Carl Linnaeus in 1753, in Species Plantarum.<ref name="grin" />



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