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Bidens bipinnata


Bidens bipinnata is a common and widespread species of flowering plant in the daisy family. It is widely dispersed in many lands, so much so that it is difficult to ascertain with certainty its region of origin. It seems most likely, though, that it is native to Asia and North America, and naturalized elsewhere. It is most commonly called by the common name Spanish needles.<ref>Dodson, C.H. & A.H. Gentry. 1978. Flora of the Río Palenque Science Center: Los Ríos Province, Ecuador. Selbyana 4(1–6): i–xxx, 1–628</ref><ref>Gibbs Russell, G. E., W. G. M. Welman, E. Retief, K. L. Immelman, G. Germishuizen, B. J. Pienaar, M. Van Wyk & A. Nicholas. 1987. List of species of southern African plants. Memoirs of the Botanical Survey of South Africa 2(1–2): 1–152(pt. 1), 1–270(pt. 2).</ref><ref>Biota of North America Program 2014 county distribution map</ref><ref>Humbert, H. 1923. Les Composées de Madagascar. Mémoires de la Société Linnéenne de Normandie 25: 1–335</ref><ref>Schwegman, J. E. 1991. The Vascular Flora of Langham Island, Kankakee County, Illinois. Erigenia 11: 1–8</ref><ref>Stevens, W. D., C. Ulloa Ulloa, A. Pool & O. M. Montiel. 2001. Flora de Nicaragua. Monographs in Systematic Botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden 85: i–xlii,.</ref>

Bidens bipinnata is an annual herb up to 150 cm (60 inches) tall. It produces white or yellow flower heads sometimes one at a time but sometimes several, each containing both disc florets and ray florets. The species grows in fields, forests and disturbed sites such as road embankments and fallow agricultural areas.<ref>Flora of North America, Bidens bipinnata Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: 832. 1753. </ref><ref>Flora of China, 婆婆针 po po zhen, Bidens bipinnata Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: 832. 1753. </ref><ref>Altervista Flora Italiana, Forbicina con foglie bipennate, Bidens bipinnata L. includes photos and European distribution map</ref>



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