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Cirsium eriophorum


Cirsium eriophorum, the woolly thistle, is a herbaceous biennial species of the genus Cirsium. It is widespread across much of Europe. It is a large, biennial herb with sharp spines on the tips of the leaves, and long, woolly hairs on much of the herbage. Flower heads are large and nearly spherical, with spines on the outside and many purple disc florets but no ray florets.<ref>Altervista Flora Italiana, Cardo lanoso, woolly thistle, Cirsium eriophorum (L.) Scop.</ref><ref>Tofts, R. 1999. Cirsium eriophorum (L.) Scop. (Carduus eriophorus L.; Cnicus eriophorus (L.) Roth). Journal of Ecology 87:529-542</ref>

Flower head of Cirsium eriophorum in Kozara National Park, Republika Srpska



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