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Crocus biflorus

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Crocus biflorus is a species of flowering plant in the genus Crocus of the family Iridaceae, native to southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia, including Italy, the Balkans, Ukraine, Turkey, Caucasus, Iraq, and Iran.<ref name=m>Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families</ref> It is a cormous perennial growing to Template:Convert tall and wide. It is a highly variable species, with flowers in shades of pale mauve or white, often with darker stripes on the outer tepals. The flowers appear early in spring.<ref>Template:Cite book</ref>


According to the taxonomic classification proposed by Brian Mathew in 1982, C. biflorus falls within the series Biflori of the section Nudiscapus within the genus Crocus. However, modern DNA analysis is challenging whether the series Biflori can be separated from the Reticulati and Speciosi series.<ref name=PlantsmanMarch09>Brian Mathew, Gitte Petersen & Ole Seberg, A reassessment of Crocus based on molecular analysis, The Plantsman (N.S.) Vol 8, Part 1, pp50–57, March 2009</ref> At least 21 subspecies of C. biflorus have been named; furthermore numerous cultivars have been raised for garden use.

Subspecies<ref name=m/>
  1. Crocus biflorus subsp. adami (J.Gay) K.Richt. - Balkans, Ukraine, Crimea, Caucasus, Iran
  2. Crocus biflorus subsp. albocoronatus Kerndorff - Taurus Mountains in Turkey
  3. Crocus biflorus subsp. alexandri (Nicic ex Velen.) B.Mathew - Serbia, Bulgaria, northeastern Greece
  4. Crocus biflorus subsp. artvinensis (J.Philippow) B.Mathew - Caucasus, northeastern Turkey
  5. Crocus biflorus subsp. atrospermus Kernd. & Pasche - Turkey
  6. Crocus biflorus subsp. biflorus - Italy including Sicily, Turkey, Rodhos (Ρόδος, Rhodes) Island in Greece
  7. Crocus biflorus subsp. caelestis Kernd. & Pasche - Turkey
  8. Crocus biflorus subsp. caricus Kernd. & Pasche - Turkey
  9. Crocus biflorus subsp. crewei (Hook.f.) B.Mathew - Turkey, Greek islands
  10. Crocus biflorus subsp. fibroannulatus Kernd. & Pasche - Artvin Province in Turkey
  11. Crocus biflorus subsp. ionopharynx Kernd. & Pasche - Turkey
  12. Crocus biflorus subsp. isauricus (Siehe ex Bowles) B.Mathew - Turkey
  13. Crocus biflorus subsp. leucostylosus Kernd. & Pasche - Denizli Province in Turkey
  14. Crocus biflorus subsp. nubigena (Herb.) B.Mathew - Turkey, Greek islands
  15. Crocus biflorus subsp. pseudonubigena B.Mathew - Turkey
  16. Crocus biflorus subsp. pulchricolor (Herb.) B.Mathew - Turkey
  17. Crocus biflorus subsp. punctatus B.Mathew - Turkey
  18. Crocus biflorus subsp. stridii (Papan. & Zacharof) B.Mathew - northeastern Greece
  19. Crocus biflorus subsp. tauri (Maw) B.Mathew - Caucasus, Turkey, Iran, Iraq
  20. Crocus biflorus subsp. weldenii (Hoppe & Fürnr.) K.Richt - Italy, Albania, Yugoslavia
  21. Crocus biflorus subsp. yataganensis Kernd. & Pasche - Turkey


The cultivar 'Blue Pearl' has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref>



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