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Dimorphotheca pluvialis


Dimorphotheca pluvialis, common names white African daisy, Cape marigold, weather prophet,<ref>Template:PLANTS</ref> Cape rain-daisy,<ref name=BSBI07>Template:Cite web</ref> ox-eye daisy,<ref name=":0">Template:Cite web</ref> Cape daisy<ref name=":0" /> or rain daisy,<ref name=":0" /> is a plant species native to South Africa and Namibia.<ref name=":0" /> It is sparingly naturalized in scattered locations in California.<ref name="asdfkh8hbuk">Flora of North America Dimorphotheca pluvialis</ref><ref>Biota of North America Program 2014 county distribution map</ref>

Dimorphotheca pluvialis is an annual herb up to 40 cm (16 cm) tall. It has long, narrow leaves, sometimes entire but sometimes toothed or pinnately lobed. Ray flowers are white to yellowish, sometimes with blue or purple markings. Disc flowers are usually white to yellowish with purple tips.<ref name=":0" /><ref name="asdfkh8hbuk"/><ref>Moench, Conrad. Methodus Plantas Horti Botanici et Agri Marburgensis : a staminum situ describendi 585. 1794.</ref><ref name="tina">Plantzafrica, Dimorphotheca pluvialis (L) Moench, Common Names: Ox-eye daisy, Rain Daisy, Cape Daisy, Witbotterblom</ref>



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