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Dragon's mouth

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Arethusa bulbosa, commonly called dragon's mouth orchid,<ref>Voitk, A & M. (2006). Orchids on the Rock: The Orchids of Newfoundland. Rocky Harbour, NL: Gros Morne Co-operating Association.</ref> is the only species in the orchid genus Arethusa.<ref name="keilly"/> The genus is named after a naiad of Greek mythology.<ref>University of Wisconsin, Orchids of Wisconsin, Arethusa bulbosa</ref> This monotypic genus is abbreviated Aret in trade journals.

This terrestrial and rare orchid occurs Eastern North America from Manitoba east to Newfoundland and St. Pierre & Miquelon south to Virginia, with isolated populations in northern Saskatchewan and in the Carolinas.<ref name="keilly">Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families, Arethusa bulbosa</ref><ref>Flora of North America v 26 p 597, Arethusa bulbosa</ref><ref>Template:BONAP</ref> It occurs in bogs, swamps and other wet lowlands. It grows to a height of 15 cm. It forms a large, single, pink terminal flower, with a showy lip and white and yellow fringed crests.<ref name="Wildflowers"/>




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