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Eupatorium hyssopifolium


Eupatorium hyssopifolium, also known as hyssopleaf thoroughwort, is a fall-blooming herbaceous plant native to North America.<ref name="fna">Template:EFloras</ref> Like other members of the genus Eupatorium it has inflorescences containing a large number of very small flower heads, each with 5 white disc florets but no ray florets.<ref name="fna-eupatorium">Template:EFloras</ref> At 0.5 to one meter (20-40 inches) tall,<ref name="fna" /> it is towards the shorter end of the range of heights found in Eupatorium species.<ref name="fna-eupatorium"/>

Plants which are classified as E. hyssopifolium can be either diploid or polyploid, and some of them seem to have been the result of past hybridizations with Eupatorium serotinum. Hybrids with E. album and E. linearifolium also seem to exist. The hybrid E. torreyanum is similar to E. hyssopifolium but is a hybrid of E. serotinum and Eupatorium mohrii.<ref name="fna"/>

Eupatorium hyssopifolium is found in much of the eastern and south-central United States, from Massachusetts west to Wisconsin, and as far south as Texas and Florida.<ref name="fna"/><ref>Template:PLANTS</ref> It grows in moist soils.<ref name="future" />

Varieties<ref name="fna"/>
  • Eupatorium hyssopifolium var. hyssopifolium - leaves 2–5 mm wide
  • Eupatorium hyssopifolium var. laciniatum A.Gray - leaves 5–15 mm wide


Eupatorium hyssopifolium can be used medicinally (applied externally for insect and reptile bites).<ref name="future">Template:PFAF</ref> It can also be planted near crops to attract beneficial insects.<ref>Template:Cite journal</ref>



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