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Euphorbia peplis

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Euphorbia peplis, the purple spurge,<ref name=BSBI07>Template:Cite web</ref> is a species of Euphorbia, native to southern and western Europe, northern Africa, and southwestern Asia, where it typically grows on coastal sand and shingle.<ref name=grin>Template:GRIN</ref><ref name=flora>Flora Europaea: Euphorbia peplis</ref><ref name="blamey">Blamey, M. & Grey-Wilson, C. (1989). Flora of Britain and Northern Europe. Template:ISBN</ref>

It is a small, prostrate annual plant, the stems growing to 10–20 cm long, typically with four stems from the base. The leaves are opposite, oval, 1–2 cm long, grey-green with reddish-purple veins.<ref name="blamey"/>

At the northern edge of its range in England, it has always been rare, and is now extinct.<ref name="blamey"/><ref name="pearman">Pearman, D. A. & Preston, C. D. (2002). The last British record of Euphorbia peplis. BSBI News 91: 25.</ref>



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