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Heliotropium indicum


Heliotropium indicum, commonly known as Indian heliotrope, is an annual, hirsute plant that is a common weed in waste places and settled areas. It is native to Asia. It is widely used in native medicine in Tamil Nadu, India.


Indian heliotrope is an annual, erect, branched plant that can grow to a height of about Template:Convert. It has a hairy stem, bearing alternating ovate to oblong-ovate leaves. It has small white or purple flowers with a green calyx; five stamens borne on a corolla tube; a terminal style; and a four-lobed ovary.<ref name="Stuart">Template:Cite web</ref><ref name="USDA">Template:Cite web</ref>


Heliotropium indicum at Pocharam lake, Telangana, India

The plant is native to Asia. A common weed in waste places and settled areas.<ref name="Stuart" />

Traditional medicine

In the Philippines, the plant is chiefly used as a traditional medicine. The extracted juice from the pounded leaves of the plants is used on wounds, skin ulcers and furuncles.Template:Citation needed The juice is also used as an eye drop for conjunctivitis.Template:Citation needed The pounded leaves are used as poultice.<ref name="Plants">Template:Cite book</ref>


Heliotropium indicum contains tumorigenic pyrrolizidine alkaloids.<ref name=Fu1>Fu, P.P., Yang, Y.C., Xia, Q., Chou, M.C., Cui, Y.Y., Lin G., "Pyrrolizidine alkaloids-tumorigenic components in Chinese herbal medicina and dietary supplements", Jornal of Food and Drug Analysis, Vol. 10, No. 4, 2002, pp. 198-211 [1]Template:Dead link</ref>



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