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Marrubium peregrinum

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Marrubium peregrinum (Horehound) is a species of herbaceous perennial plant, with height up to 60 cm, native to south-east Europe, the Balkans, and Asia Minor.


  • Atirbesia bracteata Raf.
  • Marrubium affine Host
  • Marrubium angustifolium Moench
  • Marrubium candidissimum L.
  • Marrubium candidissimum Orsini ex Ten.
  • Marrubium civice Klokov
  • Marrubium creticum Mill.
  • Marrubium creticum Roth
  • Marrubium flexuosum Moench
  • Marrubium odoratissimum Pourr. ex Steud.
  • Marrubium pannonicum Rchb.
  • Marrubium pauciflorum Wallr.
  • Marrubium peregrinum var. creticum (Mill.) Nyman
  • Marrubium pestalozzae auct.
  • Marrubium praecox Janka
  • Marrubium remotum Janka
  • Marrubium rubrum Roth
  • Marrubium setaceum Desr.
  • Marrubium uncinatum Hornem.