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Melianthus major


Fruit capsules and seed of M. major - MHNT

Melianthus major, the giant honey flower or kruidjie-roer-my-nie, is a species of flowering plant in the family Francoaceae. It is an evergreen suckering shrub, endemic to South Africa and naturalised in India, Australia and New Zealand.<ref name=plantzafrica>Template:Cite web</ref><ref name=Blood>Template:Cite book</ref> It grows to Template:Convert tall by Template:Convert wide, with pinnate blue-green leaves Template:Convert long, which have a distinctive odour. Dark red, nectar-laden flower spikes, Template:Convert in length, appear in spring, followed by green pods.<ref name=plantzafrica/><ref name=RHSAZ>Template:Cite book</ref> All parts of the plants are poisonous.<ref name = Blood/>

The Latin binomial Melianthus major literally means "large honey flower".<ref name=AZPLA>Template:Cite book</ref>

In cultivation this plant requires a sheltered location and may also need a protective winter mulch in temperate regions. It has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref><ref>Template:Cite web</ref>


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