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A bog-bean dominated habitat in Ayrshire, Scotland

Menyanthes is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the family Menyanthaceae containing the single species Menyanthes trifoliata. The name Menyanthes comes from the Greek words menyein, meaning "disclosing", and anthos, meaning "flower", in reference to the sequential opening of flowers on the inflorescence. The North American form is often referred to as M. trifoliata var. minor Michx. It is known in English by the common names bogbean<ref name=BSBI07>Template:Cite web</ref> and buckbean.


Menyanthes trifoliata has a horizontal rhizome with alternate, trifoliate leaves. The inflorescence is an erect raceme of white flowers.

Menyanthes trifoliata occurs in fens and bogs in Asia, Europe, and North America. In eastern North America, it is considered to be a diagnostic fen species.<ref>Template:Cite journal</ref> It sometimes creates big quagmires with its thick roots.

It has a characteristic strong and bitter taste, which can be used in schnapps.



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