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Montia fontana


Montia fontana, commonly known as blinks or water blinks, water chickweed or annual water miner's lettuce, is a herbaceous annual plant of the genus Montia. It is a common plant that can be found in wet environments around the globe, from the tropics to the Arctic. It is quite variable in morphology, taking a variety of forms. It is sometimes aquatic.

Montia fontana is divided into four subspecies, subsp. fontana, subsp. amporitana, subsp. chondrosperma and subsp. variabilis<ref>Moore, D. M. 1963. The subspecies of Montia fontana L. Bot. Not. 116: 16-30.</ref><ref>Walters, S. M. 1953. Montia fontana L. Watsonia 3: 1-6.</ref>



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