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Muscari racemosum


Muscari racemosum is a perennial bulbous plant, one of a number of species and genera known as grape hyacinth. Originally from south-west Turkey where it grows in rocky places, it is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant. It may be found in the horticultural literature under the synonym Muscari muscarimi.<ref name=Mathew1987/>

M. racemosum resembles M. macrocarpum (with which it has been placed in the Muscarimia group of the genus Muscari). It is a robust plant, with large bulbs which have thick fleshy roots. Each bulb produces several greyish-green leaves. Flowers are borne in a spike or raceme. Individual flowers are 7–9 mm long, grey-white when fully open, sometimes with a bluish tone; they have a distinct scent of musk.<ref name=Mathew1987>Template:Citation, p. 130 (under the name M. muscarimi)</ref> This is the species from which the genus gets its name (Muscari is from the Greek muschos, meaning musk).<ref name=GarbariGreuter1970>Template:Citation</ref>