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Onopordum illyricum


Onopordum illyricum is a species of thistle known by the common name Illyrian thistle,<ref name=BSBI07>Template:Cite web</ref> or Illyrian cottonthistle.<ref>Template:PLANTS</ref> It is native to southwestern Europe, but has been introduced into Australia and California, where it has become a noxious weed.

The plant is a biennial herb producing an erect, branching, winged, spiny stem known to exceed two meters in maximum height. The spiny leaves may be up to Template:Convert long and are divided into deep toothed lobes. The inflorescence bears several large flower heads each up to Template:Convert wide. They are lined with spiny, woolly to cobwebby phyllaries and bear many narrow glandular purple flowers each about Template:Convert long. The fruit is a cylindrical achene Template:Convert long topped with a white pappus Template:Convert in length.



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